We are so excited to report that Vilakazi will appear on Fox 25 this week!

Board member Lauren Dennison will appear with Kelli Dupuy, the reigning champion of our rock-paper-scissors tournament. This was Kelli before dominating at our last tournament:
This should be great! We are so greatful to anchor Liz Dueweke for having us! We hope this will help get the word out about our second rock-paper-scissors tournament, which is Friday evening, by the way.
We have had a busy week! Lauren Dennison, one of our Vilakazi board members, appeared on two different television morning shows this weekend. She was fantastic! Click here to watch her on the KAUT-43 show Friday morning. We'll post the News 9 info as so as we can.

We hope all of this will help get the word out about our Playground Throw Down rock-paper-scissors tournament. It's only two days away! Click here for more info!
The Vista, the student newspaper at the University of Oklahoma, has a story today about the Vilakazi Foundation. Congratulations to President Leigh Jacobs and College Liaison Lauren Dennison! Click here to read the story.
Check out this great story that ran in the Oklahoma Gazette today. Just click here! You can pick up free copies of the Oklahoma Gazette at tons of businesses in the metro. Congratulations to President Leigh Jacobs and Vice President Chad Previch for their interviews!
Thank you so much to all of our wonderful volutneers who braved the heat of the 2010 Plaza District Festival! Our volunteers report the the festival was a lot of fun. They were able to hand out candy and talk to people about Vilakazi's mission and the upcoming Playground Throw Down rock-paper-scissors tournament. We were able to sign up some new folks to join our email newsletter. (Interested in joining? Sign up here.)

Thanks again to our fantastic volunteers! Your time means the world to us!
We're looking for volunteers to hand out candy and flyers for Vilakazi at a booth we have at the Plaza District Festival tomorrow. We only need four more volunteers. The open shifts are from 12 to 2 p.m., 6 to 8 p.m. and 8 to 10 p.m. All we're doing is handing out candy and asking people to join our email list. We could really use some help!

Why would it be amazing to volunteer?

1. Every volunteer gets TWO free entries into our rock-paper-scissors tournament in December! 
You get to hang out at the Plaza Festival. 
3. You get to eat some of the free candy we're giving away.  

If you can help, just call Leigh at (405) 255-1281 to sign up. It will be super fun! Thanks for all your support!

We are so excited about our rock-paper-scissors tournament! The Playground Throw Down will be Dec. 8 at Brix, an absolutely awesome restaurant in Bricktown. It's open to all ages and should be a ton of fun! The event will include drink specials, appetizer deals and some fierce competition. And it only costs $5 to play! Proceeds will go to supporting our mission of helping South African children lead better lives by improving access to health, education and athletics.

We're looking for all kinds of volunteers who can help us plan and promote this exciting event. Our next meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. Wendesday, Oct. 13 at Cuppies and Joe, 727 NW 23. Join us! Our meetings are always open, and we'd love to have all the volunteer help we can get!